KAYJAY SHARP TRENDYS is specialized in a wide range of pump sets and markets high quality water pumps to meet domestic, industrial and agricultural needs. Its products are manufactured using quality raw material that is obtained from trustworthy vendors. This ensures the quality and durability of the products, which are more than 90 in number and are available to meet the ever growing market demands in India and abroad.

The SHARP product range now consists of the following in single or three phase models:

Non Self Priming Pumps 0.18kW (0.25HP) to 0.75kW (1.0HP)
Self Priming Pumps 0.18kW (0.25HP) to 0.82kW (1.1HP)
Centrifugal Pump Flange Type 0.37kW (0.50HP) to 1.50kW (2.0HP)
Centrifugal Pump Thread Type 0.37kW (0.50HP) to 2.20kW (3.0HP)
Deepwell Jet Pumps 0.37kW (0.50HP) to 1.10kW (1.5HP)
Shallow Well Jet Pumps 0.55kW (0.75HP) & 0.75kW (1.0HP)
Openwell Submersible Pumps 0.37kW (0.50HP) to 1.10kW (1.5HP)
Centrifugal Pump Horizontal Multistage 0.55kW (0.75HP) to 0.75kW (1.0HP)
V4 Borewell Submersible Pumps 0.75kW (1.00HP) to 1.50kW (2.0HP)
Electric Motors 0.18kW (0.25HP) to 22kW (30HP)